Waynes Industrial Service, Inc
Wayne's Industrial Service is the home of the remarkable POWERBOSS TRACK SCRUBBER the only scrubber in the world specially designed for Drag Strips.
With the POWERBOSS TRACK SCRUBBER you can clean up any oil down in 10-15 minutes without having to respray.
Cut Your Traction Compound in Half
Remove Rain Water Very Fast
The Six Torch Heads Will Revitalize
The Rubber & Traction Compound
Works Excellent For Burning In Rosin
Contact us now for more information on this remarkable piece of equipment. No drag strip should operate without one!
PowerBoss Track Scrubber
100 Gallon Concentrate Tank with
48” Spray Bar Can Handle
Any Severe Oil Down
The Only Scrubber in the Industry
That Has Both Cylindrical and
Disc Scrub Brushes.
Each of the Six Torch Heads is Rated
at One Million BTU and Work Extremely
Well to Remove Any Moisture
From the Clean Up.
To Pretreat Simply Line Up On the Oil Down
and Apply the Concentrate with Both Sets
Of Scrub Brushes On to Agitate in the

The Concentrator is used for Extreme
Oil Downs Where there is an abundance
of Fluids or the Fluid is extremely difficult
to Clean Such as Synthetics, Gear Oil,
or Nitrated

Light Oil Downs Do Not Require the
Both Front and Rear Scrub Brushes Can
Be Operated Independently From
Each Other and Each Have Their
Own Solution Control System.

Having Both Cylindrical and Disc Brushes
Allows You to Scrub the Track Twice in
One Pass with Two Different Methods
of Scrubbing.

The Rear Squeegee Vacuums Everything
Into a 100 Gallon Recovery Tank
Leaving the Track Virtually Dry.
The Torches Also Do a Great Job of
Reviving the Rubber and the
Traction Compound.

The Rear Squeegee Can Vacuum Up
Rain Water and Get You Back To
Racing In No Time.

The Track Scrubber Can Remove
Dead Rubber From the Track
After Scraping By Using the
Soap Concentrate.