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Firebird Raceway Boise, Idaho

Firebird Raceway in Boise, Idaho just took possession of their new PowerBoss Track Scrubber this last weekend. I met Scott New at the PRI show in Florida last December and we have been talking ever since about the possibility of them purchasing a Track Scrubber. We shipped the unit to Boise by way of motor freight and I flew in last Friday and began the training and installation of the new scrubber. Saturday morning we really set our sights on getting the staff at Firebird up to speed on how to operate and maintain their new scrubber. All of the Firebird staff and everyone else involved really took an interest in learning how to use this machine to its fullest potential and by late Saturday night we had pretty much covered all the bases. It has really been my privilege to get to know the New family and all of their staff and I can truly say that Firebird Raceway is one of the top elite tracks in the country. They can take a lot of pride in their operation and the way they make everyone feel right at home. Trust is a very hard thing to earn in this world today and if it were not for people like Chad Head, David Buyalos and Royce Miller who really took a chance on us in the early days we would have never gotten as far as we have today. There are so many tracks that have placed their trust in us and have been using the Track Scrubber for several years now and we really appreciate everyone for their support and their loyalty.
Here's What Firebird Raceway Had To Say
Like a kid in a candy store, the Firebird staff went right to work getting brought up to speed on the tracks latest acquisitiona PowerBoss Dragstrip Track Scrubber. Steve Garrett with Waynes Industrial flew in from Texas to help train a motivated and excited group of Firebird starting line officials over the weekend.

The training seminar was not only an eye opening experience, but also very beneficial. Hands down, the new scrubber is an extraordinary piece of equipment. It not only cleans up after an oil down, but it is well suited to perform a number of other applications, too.

Special thanks to Steve Garrett for not only making the trip to Firebird, but also spending pretty close to twenty hours at various times over the weekend helping to train our staff. The only amazing aspect to the day was the fact that not a single oil down occurred all day or night (of the Street Machine/Gold Cup race), a mighty fine tribute to all the first-rate equipment that runs down the track at Firebird. But leave it to Steve, he was kind enough to take a few gallons of black gold early in the day and cover our starting line concrete pad with a make-believe oil down. Fortunately enough, the new PowerBoss scrubber cleaned up to perfection and left the surface even better than it was prior to the training exercise in nearly less time than it took to pour it on the ground.

The New family would also like to pass along our appreciation to the Firebird team who got up at nearly sun up, many hours before the start of the racing day, to be brought up to speed on the new machine. No doubt about it, the new PowerBoss scrubber ROCKS!

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December 2007
In April of 2006, we took delivery of a Power Boss Track Scrubber from Steve Garrett at Wayne's Industrial. We have used the machine for two complete seasons and next to the "Christmas Tree", it is the most important piece of equipment at the facility!
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February 2008
What a great machine for controlling oil downs etc. We were awarded NHRA 2007 "Most Improved Track". Your machine has given us credibility.
May 2008
Cordova Dragway Park has purchased a high tech Track Scrubber. Utilized at NHRA National Events, the "Boss Track Scrubber" is positively the best system to clean up oil, antifreeze, transmission fluids and almost any other product that destroys traction on race track surfaces. "The Scrubber is an extremely fast and efficient machine to clean-up oil downs" said Scott Gardner. "It will decrease our down time while efficiently restoring the track surface condition" continued Gardner.

The Boss Scrubber will replace the use of "rice hall" type products for clean-ups on the quarter-mile race surface at CDP. In addition, the Boss Scrubber will be used to clean the track surface before race events as well as during larger events. "We are only one of a hand full of race tracks to get a Scrubber" mentioned Gardner. "Over the next few years, use of the Boss Scrubber will be the standard for all major tracks" he went on to say.

In addition to the 100 gallon main soap solution tank, the Scrubber also has two more 100 gallon tanks, one with a mild mix soap solution and the other for fluid recovery. In addition, the Scrubber also has a dryer to evaporate any solutions remaining on the track after a cleaning and also can be utilized to dry the track surface after rain.

April 2008
In a continuing effort to make dragstrip operations at Mission Raceway Park more efficient, officials took delivery of a brand new piece of specialty equipment designed specifically for cleaning and preparing the racing surface.

Yesterday Steve Garrett of Waynes Industrial Service completed a long tow from Grand Prairie Texas to deliver a brand new PowerBoss Track Scrubber, a fabulous piece of equipment that can perform a host of duties faster and better than a crew doing it manually.

"This thing is amazing" said MRP Race Director Wally Duperon Jr, " It can clean up oil with a dual brush system, has a vacuum to remove fluids and even has burners to help track drying." Duperon Jr also said they can load it up with detergent and scrub the track clean before a race.

With oil downs a constant issue, particularly at major events, the PowerBoss, along with the new track sweeper will make for quicker cleanups. "I've been told this thing will clean up an oil down 4 to 5 times faster than we could do before. We had some major downtime in 2007, we needed this not only for the racers , but our paying spectators."

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February 2007
Motor Mile Dragway Competition Director Steve Groseclose test drove a custom built PowerBoss track scrubber from Wayne Industrial Services yesterday, the latest addition to Motor Mile's efforts to provide the best racing environment possible.

"Everything is special about this piece of equipment," commented Groseclose. "It has two sets of brushes to clean up oil, a vacuum to remove fluids, and a set of burners to dry the track. Wayne Industrial Services told us it was one of the nicest PowerBoss machines they'd ever converted for a dragstrip."
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