Waynes Industrial Service, Inc
Wayne's Industrial Service Company History
Wayne's Industrial Service was founded in 1963 as a proprietorship. In June of 1977 it was incorporated as Wayne's Industrial Service, Inc.
Through the years our family owned business has become a Specialty House for Sweepers and Scrubbers and we have placed all of our dedication and expertise in giving our customers the best support available.
We carry several different product lines of Sweepers and Scrubbers and offer a wide range of services for any brand.
Our total commitment to the customer for service after the sale is the primary reason for our company's success. Our years of experience have allowed us to offer our customers the kind of service & support they need and expect.
Contact us now at 1-817-571-2020

Wayne's Industrial PowerBoss Track Scrubber
  • The Only Scrubber in the World     Specially Designed for Drag Strips
  • Clean Up any Oil down in 10-15     Minutes Without Having to Respray
  • Great For Drying the Track After It     Rains
  • Cuts Your Traction Compound in Half
  • POWERBOSS Wayne's Industrial PowerBoss Sweepers and Scrubbers
  • Walk-Behind Sweepers
  • Rider Sweepers
  • Walk-Behind Scrubbers
  • Rider-Scrubbers
  • Combination Sweeper / Scrubbers
    Wayne's Industrial Factory Cat Sweepers and Scrubbers
  • Model 34 Sweeper
  • Model 48 Sweeper
  • Model Mini-Mag Series
  • Model Magnum Series
  • GTX Series
  • XR Series